Cafe Patachou | Donations
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Thank you for including Caf├ęs Patachou, Petite Chou and Napolese in your fundraising efforts for your favorite organizations.

All requests for donations must be made in writing to the business office (see address below) at least thirty days prior to the date of the charitable event.

Pre-addressed, stamped envelopes should be included with the donation request in order to assure correct delivery of our donated item. While we will make every attempt to support your organization, we are unable to honor every donation request.

It is our goal to support as many fundraising events as we can while maintaining our corporate support of United Way of Central Indiana, St. Mary’s Child Center, Teach for America, HARMONI, Dress for Success, the Damien Center, Indiana AIDS Fund and Dance Kaleidoscope. Thank you for your understanding.

Patachou, Inc.
4923 North College Avenue Suite No. 25
Indianapolis, Indiana 46205-2112

You may also submit all requests to